You’re so hyped! It’s summer. Oh but what’s better than preparing your body-shape before hitting up with your friends at the beach!

Do you feel guilty for not working out during the winter season? Do you feel late for deciding to tone up your body? Summer days, are they too close?

No worries, I have prepared for you girls a list of exercises to focus on that will speed up toning results! I have managed everything for you to keep up the pace with your other friends!

Actually, last-minute workouts require some tricks! All I want you to do is to focus on some body parts that we consider the most important ones or the most crucial ones. They will really give your body-shape the desired lines and edges. The ones we are talking about are simply : quads, butt, abs, and back (especially the latissimus dorsi).

Here are some exercises you could do for each muscle :


To look nice wearing you bikinis, quads and glutes (butt) are relatively the muscles you need to work on intensively!

Jumping squats

Why did I choose this exercise? In order to get in shape you need to burn the fat around your legs and, at the same time build muscle. This is the best way to do it! Jumping squats is a great exercise for fat burn because actually you are jumping. It is also good for building quads because you are performing a squat movement that will really target your muscle fibers !

Single-leg Hip Thrusters

This exercise has a glute target. It really focuses on the butt’s contraction, and it is really easy! Grab a stepper or any equipment that is at least 30cm thick and put it on the floor. While keeping one foot on the stepper, the other one is kept in the air. All you need to do is sit beneath the stepper and try to lift up your butt and focus on the contraction.


Many girls forget about the back muscles. They even say that it will make them look like guys. But the answer is a big NO. Working on your back muscles will give you a slight V-shaped back that will look incredibly cool while wearing your swim-suits.

Australian Pullups

I absolutely love this exercise! It really puts all the stress on your back! The thing is when you get used to it, you will love the afterward sensation! Try to focus on keeping your back straight and your shoulders retracted to really work your lats!


Oh this, you have been waiting for, for a long time! Haha. Abs can be tricky! What I want to tell you is a bit crazy! To have a flat stomach you will need to focus on two things : what you eat and how you train. To begin with eating habits, you should consider cutting the sugar and fat intake as much as possible! It is not the best way to get a flat stomach but remember you’re in a rush! For the workout part :

Full straight-back sit-ups

Sit ups are good for targeting the upper part of your abdomen. It will help you burn the fat in this area and will fire up your abs. Try them! Do as much reps as possible!

Flutter kicks

This movement is really easy but also really effective for the lower part of your abs. Try them…

Plank crunches

Not the usual plank exercise! This one will relatively help you burn fat and build abs very fast! But you need to do it correctly.


That’s it girls! I always say : KEEP UP THE PACE. Don’t stress! You can do it, but most importantly, don’t be this kind of person that trains only for a short period of time. Let it become a LIFESTYLE!