Water, a life-long best friend.

Haven’t you seen an athlete collapsing in the middle of a race/performance ? Have you ever asked yourself WHY ? I’ll tell you. Every athlete, before a competition or an intensive performance in front of hundreds and thousands of people that came to see him, feel VERY STRESSED. Let’s imagine him thinking : he is preoccupied of the strength of his opponents, he is focused on his performance, he is in the same time stressed and proud to see the crowd vociferating. All of those thoughts play a major role in the hydration of this athlete. From stress, his body will sweat and lose water. He will probably forget to drink water before his performance. You now know the answer :  this is WHY this athlete collapsed in the middle of his performance. HE WAS DEHYDRATED.

So this little anecdote is to tell you that WATER is ESSENTIAL not only for athletes but for every single human in this world. It helps regulating the body-temp, eliminates toxins, has benefits for the cellular function and circulation system…

Don’t forget this : WE ARE MADE OF 70% WATER ! Even 73% of your muscles are just water. INCREDIBLE !

Let’s give you some numbers :

– After one hour of intense training we lose 1L of water.

– After one hour of competition we lose 1.6 to 2.6 L of water

– After a football match we lose up to 4L of water

This is to warn you that your body is constantly consuming water and eliminating it.

Drink when thirsty isn’t enough

Losing 1% of bodyweight (due to water loss) is losing 10% of performance. Isn’t this determining for a professional athlete ?! We have to drink water and hydrate ourselves as long as we are feeling good in our body : let’s say every 20 minutes go drink a cup of water.

Dehydration linked to HIGH RISK of injury

If you don’t drink enough water before/during and after the physical performance the risk of injury will be higher and higher. Your tendons need water in order to function properly. Even your muscles need water in order to meet your desired results.

We saw that water is essential for our everyday life. Hydration is something to consider very seriously. I can end this article with this quote :