My name is STEPHANE JABRE, i have taught myself the right ways of fitness and health, away from bad habits.

It sure takes a lot of motivation, effort and dedication to get there. But my goals have always been bigger than my capabilities…

I was raised in a healthy lifestyle, and been well guided into Swimming, Judo and any other impressive sport out there.

I have also been a member of:

  • The Lebanese Judo Federation since 2007 : I got many medals and trophies, and traveled to Cyprus where I won first place. I also represented Lebanon in the West Asian Championships.
  • The Lebanese Table Tennis Federation since 2011
  • The Lebanese Federation of Athletics since 2013

For the last couple of years, i have focused on building up my silhouette with Calisthenics. It is a sport for everyone, all ages, and all conditions. It uses nothing but one’s weight, a bar and a floor! For those patient enough like i am, the results are stunning! In both health, spirit and physical appeal.

Get in touch with me and i will be more than happy to guide you through your journey to a healthier lifestyle and spirit…
So do you want to join? Aren’t you motivated ? Tie your shoes and follow me !

Let’s hang out …. and WORKOUT !

A Blink for Action - Motivational Video - SFit

About Me February 8, 2016